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Mark Brenwall

Mark Brenwall – Founder, eFinity Studios

Founder at Efinity Studios, Inc

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Joshua. What is so amazing about this guy is that we hired him to just do a little IT management a few hours a week and in short order we realized his talents and had him creating blog content and overall being the voice of our company. Joshua has a zest for everything he does and with just a slight nudge in any direction he has the ability to learn what needs to be done and turn a thought into a successful reality.

Truly an amazing and unique individual. My hope is that someday this recommendation is unnecessary because he and I will be working together at something and making lots of money together. But until then… don’t miss your opportunity.less

May 17, 2012, You reported directly to Mark

Lori Ruff

Lori Ruff – LinkedIn Thought Leader

Chief Brand Evangelist, ★LinkedIn–Social Media Strategist ★ Author—Speaker—Advisor—Consultant ★Suite Branding

I was first introduced to Joshua in October 2010 via a personal LinkedIn invitation that caught my attention for it’s transparency. Being one in over 150 invitations a week to catch my eye speaks volumes. So I paid attention to him and started to follow his work. I’m glad I did.

I have found Joshua to have a dynamic personality who has grown rapidly in the industry, being an authoritative voice for his clients’ online personas. I also find his passion for music and authentic relationships inspiring.

I’ve sought his perspective on the clarity of our messaging and training. I’m grateful for his evangelistic tenancies, his passion and his work ethic. I will do all I can to help ensure his continued success.less

Jun 14, 2012, You worked with Lori but at different companies


TERRY KURZYNSKI, CISSP, CISA, QSA, 27001 Audit – CEO Halock Security Labs

Senior Partner at Halock Security Labs

I have worked with Joshua for many years. He has a great combination of business acumen and technical understanding. This is key to designing solutions to meet client needs. He has helped many of clients solve complex needs with elegant solutions. Joshua has never failed at answering his phone or calling me back the same day.less

Oct 1, 2010, TERRY was a client of yours

Richard B. Greene

Richard B. Greene

Richard B. Greene – Sales & Marketing Professional

Joshua and I worked together on a number of business opportunities. He’s well organized and has excellent follow-through. I appreciate his ability to see the big picture and recognize where others can benefit. He’s an individual with high integrity and real sales professional.less

Oct 12, 2009, You worked with Richard B. but at different companies

Sharie Lawless

Sharie Lawless – Founder Box Digital Media

Owner at Box Digital Media & Contributor with LMNG Group, Elevate My Brand and Innovations Department

I worked with Joshua in preparing materials for social media at Voli Spirits. Joshua approaches each step of the process with professional enthusiasm and cooperative teamwork that I have always appreciated. He is very personable, a pleasure to work with and exhibits a can-do attitude as well as excellent follow through. Joshua has extensive experience with all social media platforms. His breadth of knowledge, steadfast work ethic and creative problem solving abilities would be an asset to any team.less

Jun 6, 2013, You worked with Sharie but in different group
Nicole Singleton
Nicole Singleton – Head of Customer Experience at Coffee Meets Bagel

Joshua is excellent – smart, easy going, organized and proactive. He has a broad depth of knowledge in email, social and account management that helped guide me in my work. He was one of the best managers and mentors I’ve experienced, and I am glad to have had him on my team.

May 23, 2013, Nicole reported to Joshua at ActiveCare, HTY Gold, Vacuum Cleaner Market

Allison Dancy

Allison Dancy – VP of Marketing

Modern Marketing & Demand Generation Expert, currently VP of Marketing for CDS Global

Joshua is a never-say-no, get-things-done guy. He helped us on several projects over the course of a year. He was thoughtful, creative and collaborative in his approach to the work. He took the time to listen and understand our expectations, and then was tireless in his desire to meet them. He was willing to explain and re-explain his thoughts and could adjust his delivery of information on the fly for various audiences. I enjoyed working with Joshua and would highly recommend his work.less

Aug 20, 2012, Allison was a client of yours

Peter Risman

Peter Risman – Senior Marketing Manager

Senior Marketing Professional with expertise in Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing and International Markets

Joshua Barnes is a very rare combination of social media and technology expertise, combined with a passion for sales and compelling presentation skills.

Joshua provided stellar support for my sales presentations, and was impressively flexible and quick-witted as we modified our pitch on the fly to respond to prospect pain points.

Additionally, Joshua took complete ownership of Socialmatica’s lead gen capability. Though developing and delivering social media content for a weekly webinar series, Joshua single-handedly created Socialmatica’s reputation for thought leadership – as well as gathered a loyal audience of potential prospects and/or brand ambassadors.

Unfailingly professional and wonderfully passionate, Joshua would be a tremendous asset to any marketing, sales, or technology organization.less

Jun 24, 2012, You worked with Peter in the same group

Denise Deverelle Crown

Denise Deverelle Crown – Product Manager

Product Marketing and Demand Generation Executive

Joshua is an outstanding curator of interesting social media content. He’s also a fun person to brainstorm with because he has the ability to see the world through multiple lenses and understands how to build the view of data you need.

He understood immediately that social media content was irrelevant to me unless it could drive to revenue and engineered a solution for us that exposed actionable information.

He is also one of those rare individuals that pushes the boundaries of social media from mere post and sentiment analysis to in-depth influence profiling. I can’t recommend his skill set enough for any company that needs true social insight into into the thoughts of their customers, partners and competition.less

Aug 17, 2011, Denise was a client of yours